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Introducing Avis Digital Check In

At Avis we are proud to be the leader in innovation and strive to offer the best experiences for our customers. We are pleased to launch our Digital Check In service. This allows you to save time by entering some of the information online that you would usually be asked for at the counter.

Using the Digital Check In link on the confirmation page or in your confirmation email you can enter:

  • Your driver’s licence details
  • Your date of birth
  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • Your credit or debit card

When you arrive at the counter to collect your keys, you need to present your credit card/debit card for the pre-authorisation (if applicable) and your driver’s licence for verification.

Do you rent frequently? Consider joining the Avis Preferred program, which offers total control and priority service. As an Avis Preferred member your details will be saved on file so that you only need to enter your information once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avis Digital Check In?

The Avis Digital Check In service offers customers the ability to speed up their check-out process by pre-entering some of the information needed to rent a vehicle.

What is the benefit of using Avis Digital Check In?

By completing the information online, you save time at the counter.

Is it compulsory to use the Avis Digital Check In?

No. Avis Digital Check In is optional and is not mandatory. You can provide your details at the counter at time of pick up.

What If I don’t see the link on the confirmation page or in my confirmation email?

If you do not see the link on the confirmation page or email your boking may not be eligible for Digital Check In.

Enter your reservation number and surname here to access the confirmation page. The Digital Check In option is up the top between Add To Calendar and Cancel Reservation.

Why do I still need to go to the counter?

You need to go to the counter to collect your keys, provide your credit card/debit for the pre-authorisation and verify your driver’s licence.

Can I change the information I submitted?

Once you have submitted the information it is not possible to change it. Please ask at time of pick up to change this information.

Are my details saved for future rentals?

No, your details are not saved for future rentals. You need to complete the Digital Check In for each rental. If you would like to have your details saved on file for future rentals, consider signing up for the Avis Preferred program.