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Introducing the Avis electric vehicle rental

Electric vehicles are a new kind of journey. We’re proud to offer the latest model electric vehicles for rent across Aotearoa. If you’re looking to experience the famously quiet drive of a 100% electric car, an Avis Electric rental is an easy choice.

Available from Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington Airports (with more locations coming soon). The Avis Electric fleet offers modern, comfortable vehicles with the latest technology and fast charge capability. Our fully charged EVs have a driving a range of up to 450 kilometres, with both free and paid charging stations available across the North and South Islands.

The EV Sedan, Group B, offers a guaranteed Tesla Model 3 rental, which is a vehicle like no other. The sleek interior, premium finishes and unmistakable style of a Tesla 3 is sure to impress when you take off on your next journey.

The Group H, EV Intermediate category features the Hyundai Kona Electric or similar. These small SUVs are packed with the cutting edge technology you expect from an EV; such as regenerative breaking and fast acceleration. The smooth yet sculpted lines of a Hyundai Kona Electric rental will turn heads.

At Avis we're driven by better. Book your Avis electric vehicle hire online today and experience for yourself the future of driving.

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Our EV Rental Range

Driving & The EV Experience

Congratulations, you're taking the first step towards better and booking an electric vehicle. It may feel different to drive at first, but we'll have you on the road in no time.

EV Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Most electric vehicles operate in a similar fashion to petrol vehicles, but this can vary between models. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with our quick start guides before collecting your vehicle.

We do not offer training, but we do have quick start guides and videos for each of our EV models. Further information will be provided at time of collection.

Estimated driving range for our electric vehicles is 300kms on 80% charge.

As with an internal combustion engine, driving range will vary. The most common reasons for variance are:

  • Quick acceleration and fast driving
  • The use of heating and air conditioning
  • External conditions (e.g. cold or warm weather)

Your EV display screen will show you specific information related to battery charge and driving range.

Constant recharging shortens the life span and driving range of the battery. There's no need to charge to full capacity consistently, unless you need to rely on the entire driving range of your vehicle.

Staying between 20% and 80% battery capacity will leave you with plenty of driving miles and be gentle on the battery.

There are many free and paid charging stations located across New Zealand.

The time it takes to charge your EV will depend on how many kW you want, and what type of connection. The following table can be used as a guide:

Charger Type


Charging Time


Portable three-pin charging cable

For private owners, used in the home or as a back-up while on the road

Trickle AC charge: 12-14 hours

AC 1.75kW

Wall charger

Fast charging in the home

Business fleet charging

Fast AC charge: 4 hours

AC: 7-22kW

Public charger

For public use

Fast AC charge: 4 hours

Rapid DC Charge: 45 mins

AC: 7-22kW

DC: 50kW+

There are many free and paid charging stations available in New Zealand. Most paid stations charge a fee based on kWH usage, charging time or percentage of battery charged. Just as petrol prices fluctuate, charging fees vary from station to station.

Customers must return the vehicle with at least 75% charge or incur a recharge fee.

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle from 80-100% can exceed the time to charge from 20-80%, therefore to improve charge efficiency we have set the max charge to 80%.

If you run out of charge while you're on the road, please call Roadside Assistance on 0800 652 847.

As with an internal combustion engine, environmental conditions and driving style can impact the driving range. Your EV display screen will show you specific information related to battery charge and driving range.

Please contact Roadside Assistance on 0800 652 847.