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Quick Start Guide

Speed Display

You will find this displayed on the touch screen while driving.

Reversing Camera

This will automatically come on when the vehicle is in reverse.

Heating and Air-conditioning

You will find these settings at the bottom of the touch screen.

Voice Controls

By pressing and releasing the right scroll wheel, of the steering wheel you can ask the car to interact with settings such as adjust climate preferences, control windscreen wiper speed and navigating to a location. The voice commands are designed to respond to natural requests.


How to Charge


  • Do not take the Tesla through an automatic or conveyor tunnel car wash. Washing the car without activating special Car Wash Mode features may cause permanent damage.
  • In case you get caught short of charge and are unable to make it to a public charging station, a trickle charging cable is included in the bottom compartment of the car boot. This can be plugged directly into a standard residential power point. Do not use an extension cord if trickle charging.



Public Charging Guide*

Charging Level

Level 2
AC - Fast Charging

Level 3
DC - Fast Charging

Level 4
DC - Super Charging


7 – 22 kW

50 kW

150 – 350 kW

Time to charge from 10% to 80% (approx.)

5 - 8 hours

1 - 1.5 hours

15 - 40 mins

Compatible Plug

Level 2 - Type 2

Level 3 & 4 - CCS2


Estimated driving range is up to 455km. We suggest planning for 430km on a 100% charge; or 300kms on an 80% charge. Driving distance will vary depending on weather and road conditions. Extreme hot or cold weather will reduce driving range. Large hills will reduce driving range. You’ll also find that city driving uses less energy than highway driving, as there is more frequent need to use regenerative braking when driving in the city.

*The information provided is for general information purposes only. The information has been sourced from a variety of online sources and is provided to customers in good faith. However, the Avis Budget Group makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, reliability, availability or completeness of any information provided. In particular, the information in the Public Charging Guide is indicative only, and the Avis Budget Group will not be responsible for any decisions based, or reliance placed, by customers on such information.


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Need Roadside Assistance?

If you're on the road and need help, please contact roadside assistance on 1800 063 973.