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Avis Flex - Long Term Car Rental Solutions

Today's flexible fleet mobility solution for our corporate customers

At Avis, we believe in a straightforward approach that makes it as easy as possible for our corporate customers to get exactly what they need. We understand that sometimes in business you want cars for just a short period of time and long-term leasing just doesn't meet your business needs.

This is why we created Avis Flex, a flexible mobility solution designed to save you time and money when renting vehicles for more than 30 days. Whether you are looking to provide a car for temporary employees, a specific project, employees in their probationary period, or are awaiting the delivery of a new car or lease car, Avis Flex promises to deliver a quick and easy solution with complete cost transparency and no long term tie ins.

Once your account is set up you will have a single point of contact at Avis, so you can rest assured that the whole mobility process will run smoothly. Whenever you need a car, your account contact will be on hand to help, providing advice on the best solution for your needs, co-ordinating your reservation and answering any queries.

Avis Flex is just another way We Try Harder.

Key Benefits of Avis Flex


The key to Avis Flex is delivering flexibility without compromise. That's why there's:

  • No tie-in
  • No complicated contracts
  • Minimal deposits
  • Minimal penalties



Avis Flex is different from other long-term rental or lease schemes. We guarantee:

  • Total transparency of costing
  • Simple, no-nonsense pricing
  • No hidden charges



As one of our valued corporate customers, your Avis Flex solution comes with a dedicated account manager so you can always pick up the phone and talk to someone who understands your needs.

  • Single point of contact
  • Contactable during office hours to deal with all your requirements

Your Avis Flex contact will be able to manage all aspects of the programme including:

  • Customer advice
  • Reservations
  • Customer service queries



We're a truly global brand you can rely on, providing you with:

  • A modern fleet of cars with maintenance inclusive servicing
  • A wide network of agencies
  • The world renowned Avis, We Try Harder commitment to quality


The 'fine print'

You can always trust us to explain the finer details of how Avis Flex can work for you:

  • Maintenance for cars is inclusive
  • Flexible billing solution
  • Comprehensive management reporting

For further details, please contact a Avis representative on 0800 655 111.


Terms and Conditions

Customer Requirement
Avis Flex is only available to our corporate customers.

Minimum age

The driver must be aged 25 or over and must have held a full clean driving license for at least a year.

Exchange during the rental agreement or return of the car

Maximum number of exchanges in a 12 months period is 3. Car exchange on request of Avis is free of charge. Exchange or return has to take place during the opening hours at an Avis rental location. On-site collection of a car is subject to written notice from customer and approval of Avis prior to the collection.

Maintenance & mobility guarantee

At the expense of Avis. Prior to every service, Avis must be contacted. The service is to be done by an official representative of the brand. A replacement car is foreseen in case the car is immobilized for more than 24 hours.

Price and payment method

The mentioned monthly net price is valid for an uninterrupted rental of minimum 1 month. These tariffs cannot be combined with other reductions. Payment with credit card at invoice date. Any other method of payment is to be jointly agreed on by customer and Avis.

Conditions of application

These conditions are applicable after Avis has received a duly signed Avis Flex application from the customer. By signing the Avis Flex application form, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of Avis Flex.

With the exception of these special conditions, the standard Avis New Zealand Rental Terms and Conditions apply.