Summer Road Trip Hacks | Avis Car Rental

In New Zealand, summer is synonymous with the classic Kiwi road trip.

And while road trips are not for everyone, leading Kiwi car rental company, Avis New Zealand says with the right planning a road trip can be an unforgettable way to spend a holiday.

Avis New Zealand General Manager, Bruce Vincer, says the magic ingredients for a great family road trip include short distances between stops, fun-filled activities and great scenery along the way.

“Over the years our staff have spoken to thousands of customers about their experiences travelling with families. So, this year, we decided to pull together their well and truly road- tested tips for a happy family road trip,” he says.

So, whether you’re beach hopping around the Coromandel or exploring the rugged coastline of the Catlins, these hacks are designed to ensure smooth sailing this summer and avoid the inevitable backseat “are we there yet?” mantra.

Avoid ‘hangry’ passengers with an abundance of snacks

One of the best parts of road tripping is the snacking. Before you leave stock up a cooler bag with some tasty nonperishables. Load up a large container with fruit, throw in an ice pack and they’ll stay fresh and juicy for hours.

Don’t watch the clock

Although it is tempting to think you can take a large chunk out of your road trip by driving for hours, don’t rush. Set a realistic amount of driving time for each day and perhaps think about scheduling a no-driving day.

Break it up

You’re going to have to use the bathroom and stretch your legs at some point so why not make it count? Before you set off have a look at your route and choose somewhere scenic where you could stop – if you’re lucky you may stumble across a cool playground, great ice cream shop or local attraction. Even if this adds more time to your road trip, take the opportunity to break it up as often as possible. A little fresh air and change of scenery won’t hurt.

Be prepared for anything

Make yourself a list of everything you could possibly need on your journey, pack them together and in easy reach of the front passenger. This could include things like anti-nausea tablets for car sickness, extra battery packs for charging devices, spare sunnies, tissues, lip balm, jumper cables and most importantly, something to allow for a quick change in climate.

Keep driver distractions at bay

Keep the kids entertained with audio books, games and devices in the back seat. Why not have a designated DJ? Or play Car Cricket (Google it). This will allow the driver to focus on the road, drive to the conditions and be considerate of other road users.