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Share The Drive

Add one or more additional drivers to your rental and enjoy the peace of mind that someone else is covered to drive under your rental agreement. By sharing the driving responsibilities, you can lower the risk of having an accident. Please be aware that if an unnamed driver has an accident, your cover will be invalidated.



With every rental, the following people are authorised to drive without additional charge, and without being added to your rental agreement, provided they meet the Avis Standard Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions:

  • The main driver’s partner. This partner must reside at the same address.
  • The main driver’s employer, employee or work colleague, if it is disclosed by you that the vehicle is being rented for business purposes. The work colleague must be employed by the same company.



If you wish for someone else to drive your rental vehicle, you will need to add an Additional Driver to your rental agreement. There is a charge for each Additional Driver you add.

To be authorised to drive your rental vehicle, Additional Drivers must meet the following requirements:

  • At the time of vehicle pick-up, all additional drivers must be present, with their full and valid Driver Licence, so that Avis team members can validate their identity.
  • All drivers must meet the same Avis Standard Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions as the main driver, to be covered under the same rental agreement.
  • If a driver is below the age of 25, a surcharge may be charged.




Avis Preferred members are entitled to add one Additional Driver for free with each reservation.

As per our standard Additional Driver conditions outlined above, this Free Additional Driver must be added to your rental agreement and must present their Drivers Licence in person, when you pick-up the vehicle.

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