Stay Protected on the Road with Avis New Zealand | Avis Car Rental


At Avis we know accidents can happen and things don’t always go to plan. That’s why we offer different coverage options to make your rental with us easier. With our optional coverages you won’t need to waste your money on unnecessary damage expenses.

Standard Cover

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is already included in the rental price of most Avis New Zealand rentals. If the hire vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged LDW reduces the liability payable from the full cost of the vehicle to the standard excess outlined in the table below.

Optional Coverages

Avis New Zealand customers have two levels of optional cover to reduce the financial liability if the vehicle is involved in an accident or the vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged.

Please note that there are exclusions where the Excesses referred to above do not apply. These exclusions are detailed in the Rental Terms and Conditions.

View our Fair Wear and Tear Guide for a clear distinction between reasonable fair wear and tear and unacceptable damage.

Avis New Zealand Car Rental Excess Amounts

Size Vehicle Type Standard Excess Amount Reduced Excess Amount Zero Excess**
Small - Medium

Subcompact Hatch - Group A
Compact Hatch - Group C
Hybrid Hatch - Group L
Intermediate - Group D
Full Size - Group E
Hybrid Sedan - Group K
Electric Intermediate - Group H
Compact SUV - Group G

$4,025 $633 $0
Large - Premium Tesla Electric - Group B
Intermediate SUV - Group P
Full Size SUV - Group F
Standard SUV - Group S
Premium Minivan - Group V
Premium AWD - Group W
Premium Ute - Group Z
$4,830 $863 $0

**Zero Excess is available from participating locations

Avis New Zealand Truck Rental Excess Amounts

Vehicle Type Standard Excess Amount Reduced Excess Amount

4WD Flatdeck Ute - Group D

$2,500 $500

4WD Utility - Group Z
Cargo Van - Group C
Maxi Van - Group H
12 Seater Van - Group L
2 Tonne Truck with Tail Lift - Group E
2 Tonne Refrigerated - Group G
2 Tonne Flatdeck - Group V

$3,750 $500
6 Tonne Curtainside - Group P
6 Tonne Hardside - Group S
6 Tonne Flatdeck - Group F
$4,500 Not Available
10 Tonne Curtainside - Group W
10 Tonne Hardside - Group X
6x4 Tractor Unit - Group K
$5,500 Not Available


If you are making a contracted corporate reservation using an Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) or Avis Preferred number, please check your company's rates and coverages as these amounts may differ.

Please note: all coverage and protection options are subject to the Avis Terms & Conditions. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Excess Reduction (ER) and Zero Excess (ZE) do not cover certain types of loss or damage including overhead, underbody, and water damage.