Introducing PhotoProofed | Avis Car Rental

Avis Budget Group has today announced its new market-leading technology designed to improve transparency between rental providers and customers. The pioneering technology, PhotoProofed, revolutionises the rental pickup process by giving customers renting in New Zealand with Avis and Budget the opportunity to confirm the vehicles condition in real-time.

The PhotoProofed process begins prior to customer arrival, when a standard set of eight photos are taken while the vehicle is being cleaned, with additional photos taken where relevant. These photos are then stored until rental, when they are recalled and displayed to the customer at the pickup location on a tablet. The images are signed off by the customer at the counter, and then emailed to them for their records. Through a link in the email, customers can view the photos taken, and upload their own photos if desired to provide additional detail around any damage. Following the return of the rental, during the vehicle inspection process, the photos are recalled if necessary, to confirm when any damage to the vehicle occurred.

Avis Budget Group is committed to providing innovative technology-led solutions to further improve the rental experience and respond to customer feedback. The PhotoProofed feature involves the customer in a way that hasn’t previously been available, ensuring customers feel secure and supported by their rental provider, and confident that their concerns are efficiently and adequately addressed.

Bruce Vincer, General Manager - New Zealand, Avis Budget Group, says: “We constantly strive to provide our customers with the best rental experience possible. PhotoProofed is a first-in-market feature and is part of an ongoing focus to break down walls between us and our customers to provide a transparent, seamless service.”

PhotoProofed was piloted in April 2019 and is now in effect in all rental locations across New Zealand. Customer feedback is being tracked on an ongoing basis to inform improvements and developments to the technology over time.