Avis Profile FAQ | Avis Car Rental

Avis Preferred is our loyalty offering that gives you total control of your rental, allows you to skip the queue and recevie special offers.

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Joining Avis Preferred is quick and easy. Join online in just 4 easy steps!

An Avis Wizard number is a unique customer number that is given to you that enables you to store your travel preferences online. 

Having a Wizard number allows you to easily make reservations, view, modify, cancel and get a receipt with ease.

You are in control of your profile and can easily make amendments online. After logging in you can follow the prompts to make amendments. If you need further assistance you can email our database team to request the change.


If you have forgotten your Wizard/Preferred number you can enter your details on our Forgot Username page or email our database team for further assistance. 

Resetting your password is easy. Just click here and follow the prompts.

If you've misplaced your Wizard card or have changed your name and need an updated card, please email our database team and we'll send a replacement.