Requirements for Renting FAQ | Avis New Zealand

The applicable Terms and Conditions will vary by location. Be sure to check the bottom of your reservation confirmation for the specific Terms and Conditions for that location and reservation.

Please review our standard Avis Rental Terms & Conditions.

To drive an Avis vehicle in New Zealand, you must hold a current full valid driver licence appropriate for the vehicle while using it.

It is mandatory that your driver licence also be in English when renting from Avis New Zealand.

All named additional drivers to must do the same and be listed on the Rental Agreement document or listed as additional drivers attached to the Rental Agreement.

If your driver licence is in any language other than English, it must be accompanied by an approved translation, such as an International Driver Permit and be produced at time of renting from Avis.

The translation must be provided by:

The following documents may also be acceptable as a translation:

  • an international driving permit – issued in accordance with a United Nations Convention on road traffic
  • a translation document issued by a Notary Public Office in China.

For licence translation services, review the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) approved translatorslist in New Zealand. 

A learner, provisional or restricted driver licence is not an accepted licence to rent a vehicle from Avis New Zealand.

Yes, a valid credit card and a current, full, and valid driver's licence in the driver's name are required to rent an Avis vehicle.

Please Note: You can only use a debit card if it has the MasterCard or Visa emblem / logo.

Only those people whose names are recorded on the Rental Agreement can drive an Avis vehicle.

When collecting the vehicle each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and they must each present a full, current, and valid drivers licence at time of collection.

Additional driver forms can be completed at the time of rental or at any Avis location once the rental has started.

The minimum age to rent an Avis vehicle in New Zealand is 21. A surcharge may apply to renters aged 21-24 years.

Age exceptions may occur where they are part of a separate contractual agreement with Avis.

Yes, it is mandatory to wear a seatbelt if you sit in a seat with a safety belt. For children, Child Safety Seats are available for rent at most of our locations.

Yes there is a charge, please check at time of booking. 

Renters between the ages of 21-24 may not rent Luxury Category vehicles in New Zealand.