Equipment Options & Special Requirements FAQ | Avis Car Rental

Most vehicles are not equipped with their own navigation system however you can rent one from Avis. Simply select the GPS navigation option when booking!

Avis cares and sympathizes with you in your time of need.  We will make every effort to promptly accommodate your request.  Please call 0800 655 111 (Toll-free within NZ) or +64 9 526 2847 for assistance.

If you're travelling with young ones, Avis has both child safety and booster seats available for hire from most locations. For pricing and availability refer to the recommended extras and equipment tab on step 3 of the booking process. For more information on these seats please click here.

Our standard car fleet is not equiped with tow bars and these vehicles are not permitted to tow.

However some of our commercial vehicles do have this capability. It is important to note that it's the renters responsibility to ensure any trailer used is legal and compliant to the NZ road code. Any damage caused to the Avis vehicle through the use of a trailer will be at the responsibility of the renter. For further information please contact the location directly. 

At Avis we have  a range of ski accessories that can be added to your rental. Available from select locations refer to the recommended extras and equipment tab on step 3 of the booking process for further information.

Unfortuntely Avis is not able to provide vehicles or hand controls for renters with special needs.