Rental Locations & Vehicles FAQ | Avis Car Rental

You have three options:

  1. To save time and money you can pre-pay your fuel at a competitive price. This is available at the rental counter at time of pick up. If you choose this option, you are purchasing the full tank of fuel. If this option is selected return the vehicle as empty as possible. No fuel left is refunded. (This cannot be added once you leave the rental counter).
  2. If you choose not to take the pre-paid option, at the end of your rental you can stop at a petrol station to refuel and return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel.
  3. When running short of time, we’ll refill the vehicle up for you however please note this will be done at a premium price. The premium price will be list on your rental agreement at time of pick up.

Pets or animals are not permitted in any Avis vehicle, with the exception of assistance and guide dogs for individuals who are visually or hearing impaired or who require assistance dogs for emotional or other forms of support. As with all rentals, additional cleaning fees may be charged in the event the interior of the vehicle requires unusual or unexpected vacuuming, sanitation or shampooing.

Yes. We're proud to offer both hybrid and electric vehicles on our fleet. Available from larger cities these vehicles are perfect for environmentally conscious travellers. View our vehicle fleet here.

Avis has your commercial needs covered. We offer a range of commercial vehicles including cargo and passengers vans as well as utes for hire. View our commercial fleet here.

There are select Avis locations that have a key drop box and allow returns outside of business hours. Please check at time of booking, view the location information, or contact the return location to check if this is possible.

There are select Avis locations that offer vehicle delivery. Please view the location information, or contact the pick-up location to check if this is possible.

At Avis we understand delays happen. Most Avis airport locations will remain open to meet incoming customers with advance reservations who have encountered flight delays.

For non airport locations or if you know your flight will be delayed, please notify us of your delay as soon as possible, by calling the location directly.

Additional charges may apply if you return your car late. As most rentals are based on a 24 hour day, a car rented at 10am is due back at 10am the next day. We realise that sometimes unforseen delays happen, so there is a 59 minute grace period on late returns. Beyond the grace period an hourly rate will apply from the scheduled return time, which will accumulate until it equals the rate of an additional day. 

Note: Avis calculate the hourly rate as one third of the daily rate. The hourly rate is not a per hour charge based on 24 hours. Charges for optional coverages or equipment are charged as full days. If your rental includes a special discount offer or coupon and the vehicle is returned outside the terms stipulated on the offer, the total may be charged at a higher applicable rate.

All Avis New Zealand vehicles are non-smoking cars. A cleaning fee may be charged if it's deemed that someone has smoked in the vehicle.

Hours of operation vary by location and day of the week. To check operating hours for a specific Avis location, please search our Avis Rental Locations for further details.

Yes, at select Avis locations you can enjoy the added flexibility of returning to a different location with your rental car. Enter your details in the search widget to see available options. Additional fees and charges may apply. Occasionally we have relocation deals for selected locations, so be sure to check out our latest offers.

You can amend your booking online by clicking on this link and following the prompts or on our mobile app. If you have trouble amending your booking online please contact the location you collected the vehicle from to make amendments.

Unfortunately, Avis is unable to provide parking for customer’s personal vehicles while they have Avis vehicles on rent.

In New Zealand, all Avis vehicles are equipped with all-weather / all-season tyres. Snow tyres are not available. Snow chains are only available from certain locations during winter months. Please check at time of booking for snow chain availability. 

Yes. Avis require you to travel safely to the snow.  If you’re above the snow line you’ll need the right equipment. Snow chains and snow racks (for skis or boards you may travel with) are available to hire at a cost to you from selected locations.  

Customers who prepay through a travel agent or tour operator where snow chains and ski racks are included in their rate, won’t be charged, but they do need to be booked.

Note, not all Avis vehicles on fleet can be fitted with snow chains and racks, so when booking, ensure you choose a vehicle which is permitted. 

It is important to inform you of a New Zealand Bylaw if travelling during the winter months in Queenstown Lakes District and Milford Sound. The bylaw states, ‘At the direction of an enforcement officer or authorised officer, the driver of any which may, be required to fit snow chains to such vehicle on any road and no person shall drive or direct or allow such vehicle to be driven without snow chains fitted”. 

An airport or port / wharf fee may apply to rentals commencing from or terminating at an airport, railway station, and/or port side rental location to cover the increased cost of opperating at these locations. Any applicable fees will be quoted on your reservation at time of booking.

Due to the dynamic nature of our rental fleet, Avis is not able to guarantee a specific make or model of a vehicle. However we do guarantee the group you are booking and you will receive any type of vehicle within that car group. Car groups and models may vary by location and may not be available at all locations.

Unfortnately no. Avis vehicles may only be driven on paved roads. Off-road driving is prohibited.

You and any Authorised Driver are prohibited from driving a rental vehicle on the following:

  • Skipper's Canyon (Queenstown)
  • Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
  • Any unformed roads, including beaches, i.e. roads other than tarseal and metal.

Please refer to the Avis Rental Terms & Conditions for further information on road exclusions.

Generally the removal of seats in vans is not permitted. Please check with the location directly for further information.

The user manual in the glove compartment of the vehicle; or  the label inside the fuel door or flap will specify the fuel to use. There will be a release lever or button inside the car that will open the fuel door. Look for a label with the wording “Diesel Fuel Only” or “Unleaded Gasoline Only”. Please contact the pickup location if you need assistance with this.