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Angela Maritz

Angela Maritz lives and works in the Bay of Plenty on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, having moved there from her native country of South Africa in 2007. Angela’s earliest memories revolve around an almost compulsive need to create, whether it be with paint or any other medium that allowed her child-self to manifest expressions of her interpretations of the world around her.

Thoughts of her birthplace, South Africa, a place of wild open spaces, big skies, colour and cultural diversity continues to play an important emotional part within her work. However, her current home, New Zealand, with its ever-changing weather patterns and bucket loads of natural beauty is where she draws much of her subject inspiration. Being able to be completely present within these surroundings, free to observe and explore, has meant her work has taken on a more representational approach to the land.

She projects her personal story with her paintbrush, from that place deep inside - taking to the canvas with a free approach, directed by music. Her expressive brushstrokes are juxtaposed against complementary colours pallets, with layers of paint until she is satisfied with the final result. This approach is used throughout all genres of her work.

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Lakes of North Island, New Zealand

Angela Maritz, Avis Art Of Discovery

Gone Before the Morning
The mist rose off the sulphuric waters of Lake Rotorua, a volcanic crater, revealing Mokoia Island at its centre.

Angela Maritz, Avis Art Of Discovery

Secret Promise
Inspired by the waters of Lake Tarawera, this landscape holds a secret promise, ever changing, one of mystery and wonder.

Angela Maritz, Avis Art Of Discovery

Time Through my Hands
A moment in time to be completely present within the landscape. Reminiscent of the many headlands within the region but more specifically Lake Okataina and Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake).

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