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Kris Waldin


In 2010, following a long career in design and illustration, Kris Waldin chose to paint full-time. Since then, she has never looked back. Her spirited, yet masterful mix of mediums sees her collection comfortably span traditional landscapes to the more abstract.

In her home studio in New Zealand, Kris is constantly in awe of her environment. From the dramatic foothills to the wild valleys, Kris’ detailed works convey the unruly skies softened by the peacefulness of the earth.

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Canterbury, NZ

Kris Waldin, Art of Discovery

Le Bons Bay
Le Bons Bay in Canterbury provides a unique perspective for Kris. Her usual delicate yet sharp use of lines is off balanced by the waves as they caress the sand.

Kris Waldin, Art of Discovery

Akaroa Heritage Park
Kris’ inkwork captures the land fading away into the distance in Akaroa, with outline of the mountains on the horizon creating an ethereal feel to the piece.

Kris Waldin, Art of Discovery

Okains Bay Lagoon
The last light of the day casts a golden haze over Okains Bay Lagoon, bathing it in a warmth you can almost feel glowing from the canvas.

Kris Waldin, Art of Discovery

Boat Sheds, Barry’s Bay
The boat sheds of Barry’s Bay in Akaroa sit peacefully beneath the imposing power of the hill behind them. As Kris plays with size and texture, she creates a skillful balance of drama and serenity where the land meets the sea.

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