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Sally Willbanks

Sydney-born artist Sally Willbanks began her journey as an artist at the age of 4. “Whenever anyone asked me what I was going to be when I grew up, my answer was always ‘an artist’. I would spend hours at my little red desk (which has since been passed down to my children), honing my drawing skills by copying simple cartoons and illustrations.”

Sally’s painting style changed dramatically in the last decade. When asked about her new direction of landscape paintings, Sally stated, “I live in a tremendously beautiful part of the world. I love taking photos of the landscape. I need a starting point to play with colour and composition, and the scenery around me speaks to me.”

Sally’s new work is about colour and composition as well as a search for serenity. She feels a sense of peace and quietude while painting, and hopes to pass that sensibility on to the viewer. Sally can be found painting in her studio located in Ulladulla, or playing the important role of mother to her two young children. Her work can be bought through Michael Reid Gallery in Murrurundi.

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South Australia

Sally Willbanks, Avis Art Of Discovery

Barossa Cottage
This is a typical scene in the beautiful Barossa Valley. The rolling hills and rows of grape vines are crisscrossed with dusty roads and dotted with sandstone cottages. This is one of the many old stone cottages I came upon during my travels in the Barossa.

Sally Willbanks, Avis Art Of Discovery

Hindmarsh Island Bridge
This is the bridge that connects the vibrant town of Goolwa to Hindmarsh Island. Goolwa is a stunning location at the mouth of the Murray, where the Murray River meets the Southern Ocean. The impressive bridge dominates the river landscape, creating structure amidst the natural beauty of the area.

Sally Willbanks, Avis Art Of Discovery

Sunset on the Murray
This painting is about the reflections of the red cliffs on the Murray River at sunset. I felt a sense of peace as well as freedom when I was at this amazing spot, and I wanted to portray that in the open sky and the open landscape with the solitary house. The only noise was the wind and the ripple of the water as the pelicans floated by.

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