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Bradley Kickett

Bradley Kickett is a Noongar artist. He was born in Northam and grew up in Perth. He is descended from the Kickett clan in York, Western Australia. He began painting in 2007. Bradley’s style of art is abstract with paintings depicted from an aerial view and illustrated in a fluid style that he has developed over the last five years. Bradley's art style incorporates the movement and flow of the elements and their effects on the earth.

Bradley’s art pieces are influenced by experiencing Noongar country, from the oceans to the rivers and seeing the wildflowers and the land from the air and showing the flow and the shapes of the earth. These images are all interwoven with the history and the stories that are shared and passed down to him from his family and elders. Bradley is currently studying at Curtin University, working towards a Bachelor of Arts majoring in fine art.

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Yamatji Country

Bradley Kickett, Avis Art Of Discovery

Big Lagoon
Big Lagoon is an aerial view painting of the big lagoon in Shark Bay, the different colours of the ocean meeting the shallow lagoon and the beautiful peachy earthy tones make this spectacular place.

Bradley Kickett, Avis Art Of Discovery

Inlet is an aerial view of the mouth to the big lagoon, the way the sand and earth tones mixed with the water and the amazing green channel that runs to the sea is stunning.

Bradley Kickett, Avis Art Of Discovery

Shark Bay
Shark Bay is an abstract piece of the incredible colours and shapes of the Shark Bay area.

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