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Jacob Spokes


Jacob Spokes is an emerging artist from Sydney’s inner west. His fresh and youthful relationship with art creates an emotive and conceptual response to the scenes around him.

Jacob’s works are evocative and abstract, with shifts of colour moving across the canvas. Adopting a process of playful discovery, Jacob seeks to translate his feelings of the landscape into paint.

For Jacob, there are strong connections between his emotions and his art. The feelings he captures in the Lightning Ridge pieces are the result of his ties to the past, a search for understanding as to why his father moved there when Jacob was young. His process also pushed him further to explore the local town and to experience it as his father would have, almost 20 years earlier.

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Lightning Ridge, Outback NSW

Jacob Spokes, Art of Discovery

Jacob’s painting focuses on the dramatic transition of Lightning Ridge at sunset – as the harsh burnt landscape turns a deep blue that consumes the sky and softens the earth.

Jacob Spokes, Art of Discovery

The Agitator
The kaleidoscope of colours of Lightning Ridge paint themselves onto the canvas. Jacob’s unique ability to interpret their meaning and intentions through paint tell a new story with each glance.

Jacob Spokes, Art of Discovery

The Caravan
As part of the Jacob’s Lightning Ridge series, this masterful painting intrigues the audience capturing their imagination, and invites them to explore their interpretation of the view.

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