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Zara Alen

Zara’s creative journey started as a young child growing up in a house bus called Twilight. The gypsy lifestyle shaped a rich sense of belonging, living alongside and amongst nature. Nature is a part of Zara’s everyday life, forever changing, forever something new to explore and appreciate. Experiencing what nature has to offer first hand moulded a huge appreciation for the power and energy of the land and environment.

Although she has always been a creative soul, Zara wasn’t captivated by the thought of painting until later on in her life. Her interest in painting flourished after having her two children. Her children planted a seed for her to explore and deepen the understanding of her Māori heritage. This is when she fell head over heels in love with traditional Māori art techniques and practices.

Although Zara wasn’t brought up knowing her Māori heritage, she practiced and learnt through art. Combining Māori art with her love for the environment and all the beauty within it, Zara created Zara Alen Art. A place where she can showcase to the world her representation of the beauty within Māori culture whilst harmoniously connecting, communicating and intertwining the energies and movements of the universe.

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Māori Art & The Environment

Zara Alen, Avis Art Of Discovery

I'm A Vessel
Tangaroa (god of the ocean) welcomes and greets at first glance. Glistening in the afternoon sun as tiny waves fold upon the golden lit sands of Mārahau.

Zara Alen, Avis Art Of Discovery

Guidance Through The Waters
As the tide turns and the waters are guided back out to the depths of Tangaroa, pockets of water are captured and embraced by the warm golden sands of Mārahau.

Zara Alen, Avis Art Of Discovery

New Waves Of Consciousness
The Māori (life force) of Mārahau embraces all existence. Waves wash ashore blessing the day with new energy. They cleanse, they heal, they whisper home.

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