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Belynda Henry

Belynda Henry is widely renowned for her luscious and ethereal paintings of the landscape in which she is immersed. At the heart of Henry’s vibrant and evocative work is her deep connection to and respect for the wonders of the natural world, the essence of which she poignantly captures in each breathtaking scene. Drawn from her own experience of life surrounded by spectacular Australian bushland, Henry also derives great inspiration from her extensive travels around the world. Henry’s insightful observation and profound emotional response is immediately tangible in each individual work as she masterfully distills her visual imagery beyond realism to reveal the very essence and heartfelt impression of a place.

Belynda Henry’s highly distinctive visual language masterfully alludes to the forms found in nature through the use of contoured patterns and glorious colour harmonies. The skilful use of linework is fundamental to the artist’s practise not only to denote form but to convey meaning in a more subtle, visceral sense. Horizontal lines suggest the horizon, yet also invoke an unmistakable a sense of expansiveness, of tranquility and space. Vertical lines are reminiscent of power, strength, of a heightened and rising perspective. Diagonal lines suggest action, movement, animation and, where these lines may be indicative of falling, horizontal and vertical lines used together express permanence, solidity and sturdiness. Far more than realist interpretations these works are potent with feeling, their impression captivating, lyrical and dreamlike. Henry works across the diverse media of acrylics, watercolour, gouache and oils with deft technical skill and a highly sophisticated understanding of design, abstraction and aesthetic harmony, testament to her respect and understanding of her chosen media and the vistas that so inspire her. 

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The Daintree

Belynda Henry, Avis Art Of Discovery

Blue Water, Daintree Forest
Painted after visiting a waterhole with beautiful blue on the surface of the water.

Belynda Henry, Avis Art Of Discovery

Daintree with Palms
Inspired by the Daintree forest, a small flowing dream surrounded by tall palm trees reaching to the sky.

Belynda Henry, Avis Art Of Discovery

Wujal Wujal Falls
Inspired by the experience of the powerful waterfall. The drama, the mystery and unknown. The sun set and the sky glowed a beautiful pink colour.

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