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Rachel Hirabayashi

Rachel Hirabayashi has been painting for most of her life. Growing up in an artistic family, some of Rachel’s earliest memories are of her father painting in his studio nestled amongst his oil paints and turpentine.

While Rachel’s artistic process begins with sketching the landscape on one of her many road trips, the majority of the work takes place back in her studio, situated in the front room of her century-old Cromwell cottage. Here, you can find Rachel adding layer upon layer of paint to the large canvases scattered throughout, until she’s satisfied with the final result.

Rachel sees her painting as a form of meditative therapy; an attempt to instill in herself the calm her paintings project. For Rachel, the serenity in her work reflects the patience of a mountain taking an aeon to form.

Her interest in geology gives her an appreciation for the stark landscape of Central Otago. Where others see only rocks, it’s the hidden, quiet beauty of the mountains that capture Rachel’s heart.

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New Zealand

Rachel Hirayabashi, Art of Discover

Colac Bay
The lone house facing the still water of Colac Bay exudes a tranquillity reminiscent of the Southland region.

Rachel Hirayabashi, Art of Discover

Central Otago
Rachel's works capture the contrast between the expansive plains and dominating mountain ranges of the South Island of New Zealand.

Rachel Hirayabashi, Art of Discover

Mavora Bay
Inspired by the Mavora Lakes, Rachel’s artwork captures the vastness of the region complemented by the stillness of the shore.

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